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Frans G. Bengtsson 

Frans Gunnar Bengtsson
Born and grown up in Tossjö, Kristianstads län, Sweden.

He studied at the university of Lund.
They were delayed because of chessplaying,
partying and a difficult kidney disease.
He managed to get a good historic
knowledge which was important for his writing.




1-2 1935, 1936 Historic novel
Historic novel about the great Swedish king Karl the XII and his men.


The Long Ships 
(Original title : Röde Orm 1:Sjöfarare i Österled 1941, 2:Hemma och i Österled 1945)
Filmed 1964 starring Richard Widmark and Sidney Poitier. 

The absolutely best book written in Sweden.
A wonderful viking saga about a young vikings adventures throughout Europe.
For anyone who likes historical epics, this is a terrific read as it combines humor, strong characters, and a vivid sense of the Viking world.



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