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Martin Cruz Smith 

Martin Cruz Smith lives in Northern California with his wife and three children.   



Canto for a gipsy 
1972 Thriller
The antique dealer Roman Grey gets his hands full with Hungarian security service and anti communist action groups and a famous art thief. 


1977 Thriller
The young deputy sheriff Youngman duran belives that his old friend and medicin man Abner has been senil when he cries out a threat upon the big companies The next day Abner is dead and the nightmare begins.... 


Gorky Park 
1981 Thriller
In the Gorky Park in the middle of moscow a patroling militia man finds three dead bodies, one woman and two men.First investigator Arkadij Renko is put in charge of the investigation. KGB are interrested and it develops to an international crise..
This great breakthrough story of Smith has embrased the world and has also been filmed with great success.


Stallion Gate 
In a New Mexico blizzard, four men crossed a barbed-wire fence at Stallion Gate to select the test site for the first atomic weapon. They were Oppenheimer, the physicist, Groves, the general, Fuchs, the spy, and Sergeant Joe Pen~a. Four men in a covert world of soldiers and scientists, roughnecks and rougher women, all about to partake in the most important ten seconds the world has ever seen.


Polar Star 
1989 Thriller
Arkadij Renko is back not as a hero but working on a Russian fishing boat escaping the KGB. The boats captain then asks him to investigate a young females death.... 


Red Square 
1992 Thriller
Arkadij Renko is back as an investigator at the Moscow police.Nothing in the Russian state is working properly.When he sees a Russian maffia boss getting killed he is drawn into a drama with the new powers men... 



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