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Len Deighton

Len Deighton was born in London in 1929. He worked as a railway clerk before doing his National Service as a photographer attached to the Special Investigation Branch.
After his discharge in 1949, he went to art school- first to the St Martin's School of Art, and then to the Royal College of Art on a Scholarship. It was a while working as a waiter in the evenings that he developed an interest in cookery - a subject he was later to make his own in an animated strip for the Observer and in two cookery books. He worked for a while as an illustrator in New York and as art director of an advertising agency in London.
Deciding it was time to settle down, Deighton moved to the Dordogne where he started work on his first book, The Ipcress file. Published in 1962, the book was an immediate and spectacular succes.  



The Ipcress file 
1962 Thriller


Horse under water
1963 Thriller


Funeral in Berlin 
1964 Thriller


Billion dollar brain 
1966 Thriller


An expensive place to die 
1967 Thriller


Only when I larf 




Declarations of war 




Spy story 
1974 Thriller


Yesterday's spy 
1975 Thriller


Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Spy (Catch a falling spy)
1976 Thriller


1978 Thriller
London 1941 : A cushioned town where German troups is parading down Whitehall and the king is inprisoned in the Towern. For Douglas Archer, intendent at the Scotland Yard, the cooperation with the occupation power has not ment any bigger conflicts.
In my opinion Deightons best novel with a odd and powerful theme.


1981 Thriller
In the Kaiseroda mine at the end of the II:nd world war American soldiers found almost the entire German gold reserve, plus invaluable carpets, books and paintings.
Now an American producer plans to make a movie out of the event and his advertising for eyewitnesses.
But the mine did not just hide gold and art treasures but also documents so secret that only a handful knew their existance. If they where published the result would be a disaster for Great Brittain....


Goodbye, Mickey Mouse 
1982 Drama
In the winter of 1943-44 the two American fighter pilots Jamie Farebrother and Mickey Morse, known by his friends as Mickey Mouse, is placed on a fighter base in the south of England. The dangerous missions and facing of the wars terrible realities changes Mickey and Jamie.
In this novell Deighton once again shows that he can mix historic knowledge with thriller exitement.


Berlin game 
1983 Thriller 1/6 in double triology of Bernard Samson
Bernard Samson is born in Berlin and has earlier been stationed there as an intelligence officer. Now he has been behind a desk in Whitehall for five years and his bosses decides that he is the right man to send in to East Berlin. Their most succesful source is acting strange and a lot of traces points to a traitor..


Mexico set 
1984 Thriller 2/6 in double triology of Bernard Samson
Bernard Samson wife is disclosed as a a double agent and defects.


London match
1985 Thriller 3/6 in double triology of Bernard Samson
The KGB major Erich Stinnes has defected to the West. During the interrogations with him suspiciouns about a leak inside the Brittish intelligence grows so strong that everything seems threatend. Bernard Samson suspects several of his closests bosses and he realises that they probably suspects him since his wife turned out to be a double agent and defected.


Winter - a Berlin family 1899-1945 
1987 Drama
Paul and Peter Winter participates in a family drama that starts with an idyllic childhood and ends with the Nurnberg trials.


Spy Hook 
1988 Thriller 4/6 in double triology of Bernard Samson
On a routine mission in USA Bernard traces a strange fraud affair. A large sum of money seems to have been transferred from one of MI5:s accounts to finance a secret operation but now they are all missing in accounting.


Spy Line 
1989 Thriller 5/6 in double triology of Bernard Samson
When You bag the bad guys you're supposed to be a hero-though Bernard Samson should have known better. after he exposes a dangerous breach of security, a warrant is put out for his arrest, and he mus flee to Berlin.


Spy Sinker 
1990 Thriller 6/6 in double triology of Bernard Samson
From the brilliant Oxford graduate who understands the espionage game better than her male colleagues, to the beguilling woman who uses her charm and brains to deceive everyone around her, Fiona Samson presents a complex puzzle.


1991 Thriller
Two men arrives to The Spanish Guyana, the middle aged australien born doctor Ralph Lucas and the young Spanish American Angel Paz. They are both met by the marxist Mamista guerilla but of completely different causes. Lucas is sent by a humanitarian organization to give medical aid to the population in the gurilla controlled area and Paz is a idealistic revolutionary that whants to take a part in the liberation struggle.
The reality they meet in the djungle is much more cruel than they ever imagined...


Violent ward
1993 Thriller


City of Gold 
1993 Thriller
Egypt 1942 - occupied by the english and a place for spies. 


1994 Thriller


1995 Thriller


1997 Thriller



Fighter : the true story of the Battle of Britain

Blixtkrieg : from the rise of Hitler to the fall of Dunkirk


ABC of French food

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