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Nelson DeMille  

Nelson DeMille was a liutenant during the Vietnam war.



By the rivers of Babylon 
1978 Thriller
A delegation of israeli VIP:s on their way to a peace conference on a Concorde are hijacked. The middle East is once again on the edge of war.If the passangers aren't rescued ......
DeMilles first is a weekend killer and could not be put away!! 


19?? Unread by me 


Word of Honor 
1985 Thriller
The great breakthrough novel by DeMille. 
Ben Tyson, a successful and clever buisnessman, honorable and a good familyman, has sworn to never revail what happened that rainy morning in Hue th 15th of February 1968. But someone has talked. As the responsible Commander he has to face a war tribunal.... 
This brilliant book took the world by storm and has kept millions awake.


The Ambassador 
1965 Thriller
When Maxwell Gordon Amberly accepts the work as the ambassador in Saigon he is warned by an old friend, a Japanese Buddhist munk : is he prepared to put on the guilt of his new power?
This book has at least two basics : The bitter and bloody crisis in South Vietnam and breakdown of western diplomacy in the far east. It is also a novel about conciense, guilt and mercy. 


The Charmschool
19?? Thriller
This school teaches Russian spies to be perfect Americans.It is revealed by a young American tourist who shortly thereafter dies in a car accident. 


The Gold Coast 
1990 Drama/Thriller
The Gold Coast on Long Island is the paradise of the rich, powerful and famous. On the great estate Stanhope Hall lives John Sutter, a Wall Street lawyer, with his beutiful wife. To everyones chocking surprise the maffia boss Frank Bellarosa moves in a palace next to Sutters... 


The General's daughter
1992 Thriller
Captain Ann Campbell. Educated at West Point, attractive and intelligent, the daughter of a famous general is found dead. Field agent Paul Brenner understands that he shouldn't have accepted the case.... 


1994 Drama/Thriller
Keith Laundry is reterning to his hometown after several years as an intelligeance officer. He wants to setlle down and have a natural life - no more killing.
There has allways been only one woman in his life : his past love Annie. The problem is that she is married to the corupt chief of police in Spencerville, Cliff Baxter.


Plum Island
1997 Drama/Thriller
When a young couple--both scientists at Plum Island, an offshore research facility rumored to be involved with germ warfare--are found shot to death outside their home, it appears at first to be a robbery gone awry. But in the quiet town of Southold, Long Island, a small, insular, beach community in which everyone knows everybody else, it seems unlikely that the two are victims of a random crime. When investigators--led by NYPD cop John Corey--discover that none of the expensive electronics were stolen from the couple's ransacked house, the crime begins to seem more like a calculated assassination than a senseless murder. Corey, recruited by local authorities to
serve as a consultant on the case, quickly realizes that he's in for much more than the simple investigation for which he reluctantly signed on. As he unravels the mystery of the murders and realizes that the crime has international implications, the stakes rise to dangerous--even deadly--proportions.

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