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Stephen Donaldson  

Stephen Donaldson  Stephen R. Donaldson was born in Cleveland on May 13, 1947 to James R. Donaldson, a medical missionary, and Mary Ruth Reeder, a prosthetist. From the age of four to sixteen, he lived in India where his father worked with lepers. Donaldson earned his B.A. degree in 1968 from the College of Wooster (Ohio) and his M.A. in English from Kent State University in 1971.  

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, 
The Unbeliever 1977 Fantasy 
  1. Lord Foul's Bane
  2. The Illearth War
  3. The Power That Preserves

Thomas Covenant is the author everbody's talking about. The future looks good and full of promises. Then the chock came to him. He gots leaprous. He's life torns apart, relatives and friends escapes him in terror. Suicide seems to be the only way out of it. But again the impossible strikes him. An accident slings him through time and space to another world, by the inhabitants called "The Land". Here magical powers are as natural as air and water. He soon realices why he was sent here, there's a battle going on here against evil beings and their leader "Lord Foul" who's goal is to destroy the beutiful Land and all its people. Reluctantly he realices that he's the only one who's got the power to defeat Lord Foul, but his powers can also destroy the Land as well as saving it. If he can learn to control the power that he carries he can also defeat Lord Foul.  

The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant,  
The Unbeliever 1980 Fantasy 
  1. The Wounded Land
  2. The One Tree
  3. White Gold Wielder
Mordant's Need 1987 Fantasy  
  • The Mirror of Her Dreams
  • A Man Rides Through 
  • The Gap Series 1991 Fantasy   
  • The Gap Into Conflict: The Real Story
  • The Gap Into Vision: Forbidden Knowledge
  • The Gap Into Power: A Dark and Hungry God Arises 
  • The Gap Into Madness: Chaos and Order
  • The Gap Into Ruin: This Day All Gods Die

    Mysteries (pseudonym Reed Stephens) 
  • The Man Who Killed His Brother
  • The Man Who Risked His Partner
  • The Man Who Tried to Get Away
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