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Katharine Kerr

Katharine Kerr was born in 1944 in Cleveland, Ohio.

After dropping out of Stanford University in the mid-Sixties to join several of the revolutions then in progress, Katharine worked at a number of low-paying jobs, including a stint in the Post Office, while she read extensively in the fields of classical archaeology and literature, Medieval and Dark Ages history, and modern fiction.



Deverry (so far)

A great saga with numerous characters and sometimes a confusing plot

There are only two problems:
The American problems of being paid per word...
She never finishes it...


  1. Daggerspell
  2. Darkspell
  3. The Bristling Wood
  4. The Dragon Revenant
  5. A Time of Exile
  6. A Time of Omens
  7. Days of Blood and Fire
  8. Days of Air and Darkness
  9. Red Wyvern
  10. Black Raven 
  11. The Fire Dragon



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