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John le Carré  

Born in Poole, Dorset, October 19 1931, his real name is David John Moore Cornwell. 
He had been a teacher at Eton and a British diplomat in Bonn when he released his first novel in 1961. Of cause he is mostly recognised for his books about George Smiley.  



Call For The Dead  
1961 Thriller 
The first appearance of George Smiley where the first chapter is a short biography of him. His task this time is to check the political loyalty off a young diplomat who takes his own life after their first meeting. Why did he then order a wake up call the day after, George asks himself?  

Deadly Affair, The (Movie 1966)


A Murder Of Quality 
1962 Thriller 
Smiley is back in the environment of private schools in Eton - an exclusive and closed world where tradition is in focus and no one is let in. This time he has to solve a murder in a more detective like story - but the le Carré touch is there.  

Murder of Quality, A (1991) (TV)


The Spy Who Came In From The Cold  
1963 Thriller 
The classic of all spy stories. 
The first real spy story by le Carré. The book and the film made him world famous. George Smiley is not as prominent as usual but he is there.  
The central spy this time is Alec Leamas which has been overrun, and all of his spies are caught, by the East German head of security Hans-Dieter Mundt. Control in London wants Alec to stay a little more in the cold and return to Berlin to struck a final deadly stroke to Mundt..... 

Spy Who Came In from the Cold, The (Movie 1965)


The Looking Glass War  
1965 Thriller 
A defunct ri_top intelligence organization tries to beat George Smiley and the Circus.

Looking Glass War, The (Movie 1969)


A Small Town In Germany   
A middle-aged Second Secretary from the British Embassy in Bonn has vanished after 20 years loyal service, and he has taken vital office files with him. Alan Turner is sent to find him. 


The naive and sentimental lover 
1973 Drama 
Aldo Cassidy is the naive and sentimental lover. A successful, judicious man, he is wrenched away from the ordered certainties of his life by a sudden encounter with Shamus, a wild, carousing artist and Helen, his nakedly alluring wife.  


Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy  
1974 Thriller 
1st in 'Quest for Karla' trilogy which is probably the best of the genre ever. Control, the head of the Circus, is dead and the organization threatens to fall apart. He suspected an internal spy but nothing was revealed. George Smiley is called back from early retirement - the rest is history.  

"Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" (1980) (TV mini) 
Alec Guinness masterful as George Smiley


The Honorable Schoolboy  
1977 Thriller 
2nd in 'Quest for Karla' trilogy. In my view this is the strongest of the three stories but when You are talking about the best of the best who cares? 
After the revelation of the mole Smiley plans an attack on Karla. A tedious work through files and papers brings them to the Far East and they need - the honorable schoolboy. 


Smiley's People 
3rd in 'Quest for Karla' trilogy. 
Once again Smiley returns from early retirement to cover up a murder on an old agent. This leads him to a possibility to finally strike against Karla.... 

"Smiley's People" (1982) (TV mini)
Alec Guinness even more masterful as George Smiley


The Little Drummer Girl  
1983 Thriller 
In the first spy story without Smiley the Israeli intelligence strikes against the Palestinian terrorists. They need help and find a beautiful left wing actress.... 
This brilliant book has also been filmed with a quite all right result. 

Little Drummer Girl, The (Movie 1984)


A Perfect Spy  
1986 Thriller/Drama 
In the most sleepy of le Carré's books "the perfect spy" Magnus Pym is a recognized member of the British intelligence. But one day he disappears.  

"Perfect Spy, A" (1987) (TV mini)


The Russia House  
1989 Thriller  
A more lively story than The perfect spy but still not one of le Carré's best. Barley Blair is a very thirsty publisher that travels a lot to Russia. By accident he makes friend with the top physician Jakov - and his lovely friend Katja... Has been filmed with Sean Connery.  

Russia House, The (Movie 1990)  


The Unbareble Peace 

A portrait of Jean-Louis Jeanmaire


The Secret Pilgrim  
1991 Thriller 
Ned has served the British intelligence for thirty years. The cold war is over but Ned feel a bitter taste. On the final night with his students he calls on his former teacher and boss George Smiley for the final lecture.  


The Night Manager  
1993 Thriller 
Jonathan Pine, the night portier at hotel Meister Palace in Zurich, is a survivor with many talents. When the woman he loves is murdered he lets himself to be engaged by the British intelligence to get his revenge...  


Our Game  
1995 Thriller 
A secret servant in early retirement cannot escape his cold war past, in the person of a radical don and the woman and an unresolved ri_topry that dates to public school. The two have disappeared and our man sets off in pursuit across England, Moscow and the North Caucasus depriving himself of both future and past. 


The Tailor of Panama  
1996 Thriller 
Harry pendel is the best known tailor in Panama and is hired by all the top brass. But his past is made up and is a well hidden secret - until the British secret agent Andrew Osnard turns up...

Tailor of Panama, The (Movie 2001)


Single & Single   
1999 Thriller 
When a corporate lawyer from the House of Single & Single is murdered in Turkey, a string of events occur, from the arrest of a Russian freighter to the disappearance of a London financier. The logical connection must be one of love, deceit or the triumph of humanity.


Constant Gardener  
2001 Thriller 
Le Carré is back in good style and obviously angry. 
It shows that great artist make there best when there feelings are deeply envolved and 
it is not just to find a good story. Read this one but you will not be happy afterwords but probably as angry as John.

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