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Mervyn Peak  

Peake was born in Kuling, China, in 1911(-1968).
At the age of 12 he returned to England with his family (never to return to China) and attended Eltham College in Kent, Croydon School of Art, and, from 1929 to 1933, the Royal Academy Schools. He exhibited his paintings for the first time in 1931.

 in 1936, Peake began teaching at Westminster School of Art.

Before he wrote "the Titus books," as he called them, Mervyn Peake was a noted illustrator of classic children's books including Treasure Island and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.


The Gormenghast trilogy 
  1. Titus Groan, 1946

  2. Gormenghast, 1950

  3. Titus Alone, 1959



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