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Morris West

Morris West was born in Australia 1916. He has been 12 years in a monastery without any vow's. He has also worked as a journalist on the radio and on several newspapers among them Daily Mail (as a correspondent in the Vatican). 



The Devil´s Advocate 
1959 Drama
Monsignor Blaise Meredith is sent by the catholic church in Rome to investigate the possible sanctification of a deserted English officer who was killed in the last months of the second world war by the partisans. 
This is MW:s debut and it is a very strong book that easily could be read as a thriller. It made him famous and some critics compared him with Graham Greene. 


Daughter of Silence 
1961 External review
A young woman kills a man to avenge the death of her mother sixteen years ago during the war, and her case provides a lawyer with a weapon in his conflict with his wife and father-in-law. 


The shoes of the Fisherman
1963 Drama/Thriller
The Pope is dead and a controversial tortured man is elected as the new . The book moves through worldpolitics, reactionary churchmen, diplomacy and love.


The Ambassador 
1965 Thriller
When Maxwell Gordon Amberly accepts the work as the ambassador in Saigon he is warned by an old friend, a Japanese Buddhist munk : is he prepared to put on the guilt of his new power?
This book has at least two basics : The bitter and bloody crisis in South Vietnam and breakdown of western diplomacy in the far east. It is also a novel about conciense, guilt and mercy. 


The Tower of Babel 
1968 Thriller
A strong picture of the middle east conflicts with espionage and war as a constant threat. 


Summer with the red wolf 
1973 Drama


The Salamander 
1973 Thriller
A famous general is found dead in his home. Has he been assasined? Colonel Dante Alighieri Matucci gets the mission to solve the case. Did the general plan a fascist coup d'etat? One of West´s highlights. He paints an intriguing drama with the 1980´s Italy as the background. 


1974 Thriller
George Harlequin is a man who has everything. One day he unexpectedly very ill and at the same time he becomes a victim of blackmail. This is a realistic drama of today and it contains all ingriediences : computer fraud, hired killers and brutal violence. 


Passadernas ö
Unknown by me.. 


1978 Thriller
John Spada has made an enormous private fortune . But he is a man with ideals and has also created a secret organization : Proteus, to assist the victims of dictatorship, free political prisoners.... 
Everything seems perfect when one by one the disasters hit him.


The Clowns of God 
1982 Drama


The world is made of glass
A psychological novel about love, sexual obsession, murder, guilt and the need of forgiveness. 


1986 Thriller
A book about the son in law of an Australian politician which has to take care of a lot of troubles after the politicians death. This book is not as deep or thoughtful as Wests earlier creations but it is still very hard to leave it before the last page. 


1988 Thriller/Drama
This a thriller in the environment of the art world of Italy and New York. 


1990 Drama
While the pope Leo XIV is preparing for a heart surgery there is a lot of speculation around the Vatican. Both terrorists and love is eminent in this strong story. 

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