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Scott Turow


Presumed Innocent 
1987 Thriller
District attorney rusty Sabich is put up to his lifes toughest case - himself being accused of the murder of his female collegue. Presumed Innocent is a novel about lawyers and the law, about our faulty means of discovering the truth, about the burden of guilt that each of us harbors somewhere.

(Good film too)

The Burdon Of Proof 
1990 Thriller
Attorney Sandy Stern discovers that his wife of 30 years has committed suicide, leaving behind a web of mystery, money, and guilt. 


Pleading Guilty 
1993 Thriller
A former cop, now an attorney, falls into danger when he tries to find a fellow attorney who's absconded with millions from a
settlement fund.


The Laws Of Our Fathers 
1996 Thriller
June Eddgar is gunned down in a drive-by shooting. Her son, a probation officer, is arrested for conspiracy to kill not her, but his father--June's ex-husband and a well-known senator. As the
trial unforlds, terrible family secrets come to bear on the case in unexpected, fateful ways.

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