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Stuart Woods

Stuart Woods grew up in Manchester, Georgia. Before his debut he worked as a purchaser at a mall and in the advertising business. His breakthrough was as the author of Delano, Georgia, USA in 1982 and he was awarded the Edgar price. 



Chiefs (Delano, Georgia, USA) 
1981 Thriller
Why does so many young men disappear close to the little town of Delano in Georgia? Will Henry Lee, who becomes the first chief of police in 1919, is close to the true story but fails. The same happens for Sonny Butts after the 2nd world war. In the beginning of the 70:s Tucker Watts becomes the first black chief of police which does not makes things easier... 


Deep Lie 
1986 Thriller Katherine Rule is a Soviet specialist at the CIA and she sees a pattern behind the submarine offences in the Swedish waters. Soviet is preparing an invasion of Sweden!! But her bosses´ dismiss her suspicions as fantasy. 


White Cargo 
1988 Thriller
Cat Catledge is a happy man. He takes his family on a dream cruise for two years. It ends with a disaster.... 


Grass Roots 
1989 Thriller
A young black woman gets raped and murdered, three people is executed by men in camouflaged uniforms, an abortion clinic is attacked. It is a hard reality that meets Will Lee when he leaves Washington to return to Georgia. 


1990 Thriller
Elisabeth Barwick has divorced her husband after he has raped and beaten her. She hides at Cumberland Island an island owned by the Cumerland family. 


Santa Fé rules
1992 Thriller
The famous Hollywood producer Wolf Willet wakes up and gets a shock while he reads the morning paper : a triple murder has been committed in his own house in Santa Fé, New Mexico. 


New York dead 
1994 Thriller
Stone Barrington, a detective at the New York police, sees a woman fall from the 12th floor. He immediately recognize her as a famous TV person. Miraculously she survives and Stone is the only one to know. 


1994 Thriller
Framed by a fellow officer, ex-DEA agent Jesse Warden is offered a deal, a presidential pardon in exchange for infiltrating the Aryan Universe, a deadly Idaho cult, but his mission becomes complicated when he falls in love with a cult member.

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