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Terry Goodkind  

Terry Goodkind is born 1948 and raised in Omaha, Nebraska where he also went to art school. He started working on his first novel in 1993, and Wizard's First Rule burst upon the fantasy scene in 1994. Wizard's First Rule was a huge success and we have since then learnt both the second and third rule from his follow-up's . With the Sword of Truth series, Terry Goodkind has established himself as one of the most acknowledge fantasy writers.
Before becoming a writer Terry Goodkind has occupied many jobs. He has worked as a carpenter, a violin maker, a hypnotherapist, a wildlife artist and a restorer of rare artifacts.



Sword of Truth

  1. Wizard's First Rule 
  2. Stone of Tears 
  3. Blood of the Fold 
  4. Temple of the Winds 
  5. Soul of the Fire 
  6. Faith of the Fallen 
  7. The Pillars of Creation 


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