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Thomas Harris 

Thomas Harris was a veteran newsman when he wrote his first novel, Black Sunday.


Black Sunday 
1975 Thriller
Black September, the Palestinian terror organization, has decided to bomb the giant Tulane stadium in New Orleans. 
This is a highly recommended thriller although not as brilliant as Harris other stories. 


Red Dragon 
1981 Thriller He has already exterminated two young families in terrible ritual murders. The society lives in terror, the police has no leads and Will Graham is chasing him against time. This is Harris first book about Crawford at FBI and Hannibal Lecter is also present. If You want a terrific evening and night You must start redaing this book because You can't stop..... 


The silence of the lambs 
1988 Thriller
An appalling women killer is on the loose and the only one to stop him is doctor Hannibal Lecter. Crawford is using agent to be Clarice Starling to lure him. This was an enormous success on film and who will ever forget Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal the Cannibal. Despite this extraordinary movie the book is even better. While reeding it You feel every inch of fear that appears. 


1999 Thriller
After two masterpieces Hannibal is a more "normal" thriller. Not normal concerning subject but in quality. Not bad but not even close to its forerunners.

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